Mouse Blood Vessel AR Models

This project showcased the innovative research on mouse blood vessels, where the following techniques were employed:

These techniques were used to create augmented reality models that provided a detailed and interactive understanding of the intricate structure and function of blood vessels. Feel free to explore our selection of models on your mobile device for an optimal viewing experience.

Model 1: Mouse named Bret, 5 weeks after stroke.
Model 2: Mouse named Eddy, 3 weeks after stroke.
Model 3: Experimenting with Color
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Contributed by Aaron Woods

Note: This project page is currently a work in progress. The creation of augmented reality models for scientific visualization was inspired by the work of Mathur M, Brozovich JM, and Rausch MK in their paper “A brief note on building augmented reality models for scientific visualization” published in Finite Elements in Analysis and Design in 2022.