Patterning and fluorescence tuning of quantum dots with haptic-interfaced bubble printing


Semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) are attractive for a wide range of applications such as displays, light-emitting devices, and sensors due to tunable fluorescence wavelength, high brightness, and narrow bandwidth. Most of the applications require precise patterning of QDs with targeted properties on solid-state substrates. Herein, we develop a haptic-interfaced bubble printing (HIBP) technique to enable high-resolution (510 nm) high-throughput (>104 µm/s) patterning of QDs with strong emission tunability and to significantly enhance the accessibility of the technique via smartphone device. The scalability and versatility of the HIBP are demonstrated in our arbitrary patterning of QDs on plasmonic substrates. A detailed study of the plasmonic and photothermal interactions is performed via programmed stage movements to realize tunability of the emission wavelength and lifetime. Finally, the dependence of the hand movement over the properties of the printed QDs in terms of emission wavelength from yellow to blue is established. This work provides a single-step macroscale platform to manipulate nanoscale properties at high resolution and throughput.

Journal article
Journal of Materials Chemistry C