All fiber-based illumination system for multi-exposure speckle imaging


Monitoring blood flow is critical to treatment efficacy in many surgical settings. Laser speckle contrast imaging (LSCI) is a simple, real-time, label-free optical technique for monitoring blood flow that has emerged as a promising technique but lacks the ability to make repeatable quantitative measurements. Multi-exposure speckle imaging (MESI) is an extension of LSCI that requires increased complexity of instrumentation, which has limited its adoption. In this paper, we design and fabricate a compact, fiber-coupled MESI illumination system (FCMESI) that is substantially smaller and less complex than previous systems. Using microfluidics flow phantoms, we demonstrate that the FCMESI system measures flow with an accuracy and repeatability equivalent to traditional free space MESI illumination systems. With an in vivo stroke model, we also demonstrate the ability of FCMESI to monitor cerebral blood flow changes.

Journal article
Biomedical Optics Express