Evaluation of resonant scanning as a high-speed imaging technique for two-photon imaging of cortical vasculature


We demonstrate a simple, low-cost two-photon microscope design with both galvo-galvo and resonant-galvo scanning capabilities. We quantify and compare the signal-to-noise ratios and imaging speeds of the galvo-galvo and resonant-galvo scanning modes when used for murine neurovascular imaging. The two scanning modes perform as expected under shot-noise limited detection and are found to achieve comparable signal-to-noise ratios. Resonant-galvo scanning is capable of reaching desired signal-to-noise ratios using less acquisition time when higher excitation power can be used. Given equal excitation power and total pixel dwell time between the two methods, galvo-galvo scanning outperforms resonant-galvo scanning in image quality when detection deviates from being shot-noise limited.

Journal article
Biomedical Optics Express